Saturday, November 28, 2009

White Rabbits on ISN

Dear readers,

There are three derivative postings of White Rabbits on Intel Software Network Blogs - Parallel Programming (here) At the time of this posting, two blog post have been posted, and the third is in for review. I would expect the third posting to be up on Monday, 30th of November. I won't repeat the contents of those posts here. Instead I will use the test program developed for White Rabbits to illustrate the evolutionary programming steps in conversion of a serial program to parallel program. The conversion will address issues, solutions, and results for conversion using OpenMP 3.0 and QuickThread. I hope to have the first installment posted over this weekend.

When reading the posts related to a topic, please read the similarly titled post from the bottom of the blog upwards (in chronological order).

Jim Dempsey

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