Thursday, November 19, 2009


Welcome to The Parallel Void

The focus of this Blog is to share with you this writer's tips, techniques, and experience relating to parallel programming. This writer's programming experience extends over a 40 year period, including being the principal architect for two minicomputer operating systems and founding five start-ups. The 5th start-up, QuickThread Programming, LLC, can be found at has as their core product QuickThread, a parallel programming software development kit.

My name is Jim Dempsey. Google-ing my name will likely result in hits with other Jim Dempsey's as well as mine. The easiest way for you to get a handle on me is to read my contributions to the Intel Software Developer's forum at or simply Google:

"Jim Dempsey"

The vast majority of my posts are replies providing assistance to those in need. You will find that the majority of my posts tend to direct the thread towards resolution. Although on occasion I have mentioned QuickThread, my general posts were directed towards assisting others.

My subsequent blog posting will provide an insight into design phylosophy of QuickThread

Jim Dempsey

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